Heidi Bernier Accredited Staging Professional




Our Redesign service are great for when you are bored with your home and want to change it up. We take into consideration how the home functions for the occupants. We can repurpose some of the existing pieces and bring in some new pieces. Move some things around. Maybe even a new color scheme.Giving your home a fresh new updated look.

Heidi CAN! help you fall in love with your home again.

Before spending a fortune replacing anything, let's see

what Heidi CAN! do with a redesign consultation.

Creative reimagining, repurposing and furniture shifting can bring new excitement and efficiency to your home and life.

Heidi CAN! work with you to identify specific future purchases and create a comfortable living environment while staying within your budget.

Heidi CAN! bring new ideas on how to organize, smart advice and plans for better living.


We can do as little or as much as you would like.

Wait until you see what Heidi CAN! do to your closet!

Call to schedule a consultation.

Why only stage your house to sell?

Why not redesign it and love your home again?